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Leaf blowers and gutter vacs can allow a homeowner or a gutter cleaning professional to clean gutters without having to climb up a ladder. Unfortunately, this approach is not that effective in clearing debris. In today’s post, ABC Seamless Siding, the top expert in gutters and gutter guard systems in our local area, explains the benefits of cleaning gutters by hand.


Better Results

Gutter cleaning by hand is more effective than leaf blowers and gutter vacs because it is thorough. For example, a gutter pro like us can make sure to remove blockages in an offset bend of downpipe, an area that leaf blowers and gutter vacs can’t clean properly. When we climb up the ladder, we always make sure to clean every inch of your gutter system.

Quicker Repairs

A gutter cleaning professional can also get more work done when cleaning your gutters by hand. After scooping out the leaves and debris from your gutters, they can also carry out repairs. For example, they can reconnect joints or tighten brackets while they are on top of the ladder. They won’t have to waste time doing the cleaning and repairs separately.

Water Testing

Cleaning the gutters by hand also allows a gutter cleaning pro to water test your gutters to determine if they are really clear. A water test will reveal if there are still any blockages or parts of your gutters that are leaking. Once these problems are revealed, the gutter cleaning pro can then deal with them right after.

Gutter vacs and leaf blowers are good options if you want to stay off a ladder. However, gutter cleaning by hand is always better because it is more thorough. As an expert in gutters and gutter guard systems, we highly recommend hiring a professional company like us to clean your gutters for you. We can clean your gutters and help you deal with any gutter problems we might find. We serve many areas including Anchorage, Alaska. Call us at (866) 405-8248 to learn more about our services and products or to get a free quote.