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You must keep your gutters clean so they’ll effectively move water to your downspouts. But what’s the best way to clean your gutters? Cleaning them by hand or using a gutter vacuum or a leaf blower?

Cleaning by Hand vs Using Leaf Blowers

Well, most contractors would recommend cleaning your gutters by hand because it’s more thorough. Gutter vacuums and leaf blowers can’t reach certain areas in your gutter, leaving behind debris that could attract pests. Plus, it gives you a chance to carry out roof inspections and repairs. 

However, like with any DIY maintenance task, you should observe certain safety precautions, like: 

  • Wearing the appropriate attire – You’ll be removing dirt and gunk from your gutters, so you should wear a long-sleeved shirt, work pants, rubber shoes, and thick, suede gloves. Avoid using plastic gloves, as metal shards can easily rip them apart. 
  • Using the right equipment – Use a small plastic scoop and a garden hose with a pistol-grip nozzle to remove debris. Avoid metal scoops because they can scratch the bottom of your gutters, making it susceptible to rust. Laying down a tarp on your lawn will protect it from falling dirt and gunk. It’s also important to a sturdy ladder with a small shelf to hold a bucket. 
  • Ask for help – Gutter cleaning is a lot harder than it seems, so it’s best if you have someone who can hand you the tools you need and hold onto the ladder to keep it sturdy. And in case you encounter some problems, you can immediately ask them for help. 
  • Look out for power line hazards – Before cleaning your gutters, always survey the area for any power line hazards.

Gutter Guards 

Gutter guards prevent foliage and other debris from entering your gutters, reducing the need for regular maintenance. However, most experts would still recommend leaving gutter-cleaning to the professionals. After all, shouldn’t your weekends be used for rest and recreation instead of doing chores? 

Looking for gutter cleaning companies in your area? 

Infinity Home Improvement, a HomeAdvisor-screened-and-approved contractor, offers a wide range of exterior services, including gutter cleaning services, as well as premium gutter guards.  To get a free estimate, call us at (844) 329-3277 or (616) 229-2702. You can also leave us a message here. We serve homeowners in Wyoming and Michigan.