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Sometimes, as you search “how to clean gutters with gutter guards” online, you might be wondering if a bigger gutter system would make cleaning and maintenance easier. Of course, your current five-inch gutters are still a good choice for your home, but switching to six-inch gutters may be more beneficial depending on where you live.

If you want to know whether you need to switch to six-inch gutters, Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota shares what to consider: 

Should You Upsize Your Gutters?

The decision to upsize your gutters depends on certain factors such as the type of weather and whether your current gutters can handle the amount of rainfall you normally get. Five-inch gutters are the standard choice installed in most homes, but they should be bigger for areas that experience a lot of rainfall. And if your area occasionally gets heavy rainfall, six-inch gutters will be a good investment. You should also consider the size and pitch of your roof; steeper slopes tend to have more water runoff, so a bigger gutter is often necessary.

What You’ll Benefit With Bigger Gutters

While they’re only an inch wider than the standard five-inch gutters, six-inch gutters can hold almost double the water runoff capacity. And when you get bigger gutters, it will be much easier to clean and maintain them. This is because the mouth at the top of a six-inch gutter is considerably wider, which gives you better maneuverability in unclogging and cleaning out debris. And if you want even better ease of maintenance, we strongly recommend getting a gutter guard installed!

Be sure to check out Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota whether you’re considering a bigger gutter system or searching “how to clean gutters with gutter guards” online! Call us at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our online contact form. We serve our customers in Minnesota, including Duluth and the neighboring areas.

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