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Gutters are extremely useful, but like most home components, they are not exempt to issues. There are instances, in fact, where the gutters are compromised enough that they’re allowing water to leak behind them. This is called back-flow. You’ll need to find out what’s causing this and have it dealt with promptly. The premier gutter protection service contractor, Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota, shares what you need to know.

There are Many Reasons Gutter Back-flows Can Occur. 

Normally, your gutters catch the water flowing down your roofing system and drain it through the downspout. This helps protect your home’s exterior, basement, foundation, and landscaping from water damage. But this won’t be the case when there’s back-flow. There are a couple of possible reasons rainwater is running behind your gutters instead of being drained through the system. These may include:

  • Congestion. The accumulated leaves, pine needles, and other loose debris inside your gutters is creating a blockage that allows rainwater to back up and leak behind them.
  • Incorrect Installation. Your gutters should be attached firmly to the fascia board. Otherwise, they’ll become loose and start pulling away from the roofline. This can hamper the way they drain rainwater through the system. 
  • Poor sloping. Gutters seem to be level with the ground, but they are actually pitched slightly towards the downspouts. When they become misaligned, whether by weather damage or sloppy workmanship, they’ll have water building up inside the system, which in turn, causes the back-flow.

Gutter Back-Flow Can be Easily Mitigated

You just need to turn to a reliable gutter company like Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota. You can count on our team to repair and re-adjust your gutters so they can maintain their proper slope. We’ll also make sure that the system remains firmly in place by adding more hangers (and spacing them the right way) as necessary. Gutter congestion is one of the common reasons for back-flow, and we have just the right solution for it–high-quality Gutter Helmet® gutter protection systems. With their patented nose-forward design, they’ll keep your gutters draining smoothly while eliminating the potential for congestion.

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Whether it’s expert gutter installation or gutter protection service, Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota has you covered. We’ll make sure your home remains dry and damage-free all year round with our top-tier products and solutions. Call us today at (800) 824-3772 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. We serve Duluth, Minnesota and the nearby areas.

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