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What You Should Know about Gutter Guards

By October 3, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

Gutters are an important aspect of your home. They gather rainwater and redirect it away from your home’s foundation, protecting your home from water damage. For this to work, it is essential to ensure that your gutters are well-maintained for optimal and lasting function.

Gutter Guards

That said, maintaining gutters can be hard and can put you at risk. An efficient way of keeping them clean is by investing in a gutter protection system. Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore, an authorized Gutter Helmet dealer, shares a few things you should know about gutter guards.

What Are Gutter Guards?

You can consider a gutter guard in Salisbury, Maryland, as rolls of special materials, such as a mesh, which are fitted unto your gutter system. Their purpose is to prevent leaves and other forms of debris from entering and clogging your gutters.

Why Are They Beneficial?

Because gutter protection systems keep debris out of your gutters, you do not have to spend time in cleaning them regularly. Installing gutter covers also prevents premature corrosion, caused by clogged and wet debris. Furthermore, they prevent clogging, which can lead to a variety of problems such as:

  • Sagging – Debris that accumulates in your gutters can cause it to sag, detach from the fascia board, and even potentially collapse, which can lead to costly repairs.
  • Leaks – Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and seep into your home, putting your investments at risk.
  • Infestation – Unmaintained gutters are attractive to animals and can cause them to make your gutter system their home.

Apart from this, gutter guards can improve the flow of water through your gutter system. This works well especially if you have a rainwater tank, refilling them faster during heavy rains.

What is Gutter Helmet?

Gutter Helmet is a patented gutter guard in Salisbury, Maryland, designed to be installed over your existing gutters. It features a ribbed surface that lets it handle heavy rainwater, snow, and strong winds, while letting water flow smoothly into the downspout. It also comes with a nose-forward design that prevents debris such as leaves and twigs, from going any further into the system.

Additionally, Gutter Helmet uses a PermaLife™ finish that protects it from the elements. Furthermore, it is available in a wide range of colors to match your gutters. Lastly, Gutter Helmet comes with a transferable triple lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. These features eliminate the need to maintain your gutters, making our product a highly-efficient gutter guard.

Let Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore provide you with America’s #1 choice in gutter protection. Call us today at (866) 333-8150 to schedule an in-home consultation.