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Installing gutter guards, replacing roofs and other tasks that involve using ladders are always best handled by professionals. It could be dangerous to use this equipment if you don’t know how to use it properly. Thousands of Americans are rushed to the emergency room yearly because of falls. It’s among the many reasons experts strongly discourage climbing a ladder unless necessary.  

Here are things to keep in mind before climbing a ladder. 

Have a Stable Base

Never place a ladder on an unstable or icy surface. You can make the base level by digging the ground and placing the equipment on a wide plank. Don’t climb on it if the ladder is shaky or moving. 

Follow the 4-to-1 Rule

When you place the ladder too far from your house, it could slip from beneath you. If you put the base too close to the wall, it could tip over. Follow the four-to-one rule, which is for every four feet of ladder height, the base must be one foot from the wall. 

Make Sure Your Ladder Is Tall Enough

Always choose a ladder tall enough to give you the freedom to move. Overreaching and standing on the top rungs are common causes of falls. Keep out of the top two rungs of a step ladder and the top three of an extension ladder. 

Use a Tool Belt

It could be tricky and dangerous to climb a ladder with objects in your hands. The safest way to do this task is to hold on to the equipment with both hands. For your safety, use a tool belt or haul tools up and down with a rope. 

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