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While your gutters serve a basic purpose by channeling runoff away from your home, their aesthetics should still be taken into account. After all, they’re one of your home’s most visible exterior components. Gutters are available in several different styles. The two most popular options are half-round and K-style, but if you want something more unconventional, check out fascia-style gutters.

What Are Fascia-Style Gutters?

One thing about fascia-style gutters is that they’re designed to be seamless. Unlike half-round and K-style gutters, which are sold in sections, fascia-style gutters are custom measured and built using a single, long stretch of aluminum. Their construction offers distinct advantages, including:

  • Reduced potential for leaks. Because fascia-style gutters only have seams at the corners, they are less prone to leaks and corrosion. 
  • Sleek and contemporary look. Fascia-style gutters blend easily with the roofline, making it seem like there are no actual gutters at all. They’re directly installed onto the framing, with the smooth front of the gutters hiding the edge of the roof. This allows for a neater and more finished look.
  • Greater draining performance. Most fascia-style gutters are built larger than their half-round and K-style counterparts, allowing them to handle runoff quickly and efficiently.

What Are the Drawbacks of Fascia-Style Gutters?

Like most things, fascia-style gutters have their own set of downsides. For example, they’re:

  • Costlier than their counterparts. The design and construction of fascia-style gutters require specialization, so having them installed can be quite costly-even more so if you have a home with a large roof.
  • Not as versatile as K-style gutters. Unfortunately, fascia-style gutters may look out of place with some home style because of their distinctive appearance.

So, are fascia-style gutters a good option for you? That depends. You’ll need to consult a premier gutter specialist like Gutter HelmetĀ® of Cookeville. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your available options and help you decide on the gutter style that best fits your needs.

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