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Gutter Helmet by Lednor Home Solutions Berea

What Makes Gutter Helmet® Better?

By February 17, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

Your gutters require regular maintenance to ensure proper function. Gutter cleaning, however, is a tedious and even hazardous task for the average untrained homeowner. A long-term, safer and more effective way to keep leaves and other debris out of your system is to invest in a gutter protection system. Gutter Helmet by Lednor Home Solutions recommends our high-quality Gutter Helmet products. Here are some of the features that set this product apart from a regular gutter leaf guard in Berea, Ohio.

Gutter Helmet®

Nose-Forward Design

Our gutter covers feature a unique design that effectively keeps debris out while allowing water to flow through freely. Our nose-forward design comes with a 3/8”-wide slit that that efficiently filters leaves, needles and other debris out, while channeling water through the system as intended. This innovative system requires no maintenance, meaning you’ll never have to climb the ladder to clear your gutters again.

PermaLife™ Finish

Available in a range of colors and finishes that complement your home, our patented PermaLife finish protects your gutters from extreme weather changes, and is resistant to saltwater and acid rain. It also prevents chalking and fading, ensuring that your gutters retain their crisp, polished look for many years.

Textured Surface

Gutter Helmet features a textured surface that increases surface tension and tensile strength. This allows your system to handle extreme rainfall, heavy snow, and strong winds. This also ensures that leaves and other debris do not enter your system, allowing your system to effectively drain precipitation as intended.

Premium Engineered Bracket

Our engineered bracket made of reinforced aluminum alloy ensures that our gutter covers stay securely attached to your system even in severe weather conditions.

The experienced, well-trained professionals at Gutter Helmet by Lednor Home Solutions will install your new gutter guards efficiently and properly to guarantee superior performance. Eliminate the need for gutter maintenance by investing in our gutter protection system. We can ensure a better gutter cover than a gutter leaf guard in Berea, Ohio. Call us today at (800) 824-3772 to learn more about our products and services.