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Declutter Your Home by Getting Rid of These 4 Things

By February 18, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

Are you itching to declutter your life, but are overwhelmed by the thought of attempting it? Do you feel a pang of anxiety every time you walk through your jam-packed garage or open your overflowing kitchen cabinets, but have no idea where to even begin to get organized? In today’s post, Gutter Helmet®, provider of the best gutter guards on the market, shares four tips for decluttering your home and achieving a more comfortable and organized living space.

Unused Chargers

Throw Out Old Spices and Baking Supplies

When was the last time you replaced your cooking spices? Though spices rarely go “bad,” they typically lose some of their flavor after about 12 months on the shelf. Professionals recommend throwing out all your old spices, along with outdated flour and other baking ingredients. When you go to replace them, invest in fresh items that you know you’ll use regularly. This will reduce clutter in your kitchen – and will also result in more flavorful meals and desserts!

Dispose of Unused Chargers, Cables and Remote Controls

We all have the box. You know the one – it’s brimming with dozens of old phone chargers, unidentifiable cables and remote controls that are hopelessly tangled together. You haven’t looked at it in years, not since you tossed it in a dark corner to collect dust after you moved into your current home. But for some reason, you’ve never quite mustered up the strength to get rid of it.

Now is the time to say goodbye to that box. Go through it one more time to make sure there’s nothing still usable in there, like a spare iPhone charger, and then get rid of it.

Discard Old Paint

Still holding onto old buckets of paint? If you’ve had an opened paint container for more than a year, throw it away. This will free up storage space and may also inspire you to invest in new paint colors to spruce up your home.

Invest in Gutter Guards and Get Rid of Your Ladder

Every year, half a million people need medical attention after falling from ladders, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Many of these cases are homeowners who climbed onto their roofs to clear debris from their gutters. This is one reason why investing in a gutter guard system is a responsible decision.

Gutter Helmet is the leading gutter defense system on the market. Its nose-forward design keeps debris from entering your gutters, thus preventing clogs. When you install Gutter Helmet, you’ll never need to worry about climbing a ladder and risking your life to clean your gutters again. As an added perk, you can also say goodbye to that bulky ladder that’s taking up valuable real estate in your garage.

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Gutter Helmet doesn’t just give you a good reason to throw out your ladder. It can also drastically enhance your home’s protection against the elements and save you significant money on gutter maintenance and repair. To learn more about this innovative product, call (800) 824-3772 today to speak to an experienced team member.