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[VIDEO] Gutter Helmet® Customer Testimonial: Wally C.

By December 21, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Wally C. has had Gutter Helmet® on his home for about four years now. His favorite part? He still hasn’t cleaned them! Hear more about why Wally believes he has the best gutter guards on the market.

‘A Phenomenal Experience’

From the very first meeting, Wally had what he describes as a “phenomenal” experience with Gutter Helmet. He scheduled an appointment and his representative showed up on time. After he was given an estimate and completed a contract, the installers completed the work on-time and as agreed upon.

Wally loves how effectively Gutter Helmet performs, protecting his home from water damage. “The water just rolls right into the gutter, the debris rolls over the top, and out of the bottom of the downspout comes the water, whisking it away from my home so it always stays dry,” he says.

He notes that he never cleans his gutters and yet he never worries that his home is vulnerable to water-related issues, even though it has never been painted. “I don’t worry about it at all,” says Wally. “Gutter Helmet captures the water at the roof so it never splashes against my home, bringing dirt and mold. I never worry about water ponding around my foundation. I can forget about my gutters, other than when it rains and I look outside – just to watch the water!”

The Best Compliment is a Referral

Wally says he regularly recommends Gutter Helmet because people can’t help but want the product after they see his home. “I have so many friends that hate their gutters because they are always cleaning them and they are sagging, full of debris and rotting the fascia,” he explains. “I tell them to get rid of those old, gnarly, do-it-yourself gutters and get Gutter Helmet and be happy at home!”

To learn more about the cutting-edge features of this system and schedule an in-home estimate, call (800) 824-3772. Read more reviews of gutter guards from Gutter Helmet.