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Your gutters may not look like much, but they are crucial to your home’s weather protection. When it rains, they catch and redirect water to your downspouts, preventing this water from damaging your landscaping, roof, siding, basement and more. Today, Chattahoochee Gutter Co., a top installer of rain gutter covers, shares gutter cleaning tips that can help keep your gutters in good shape:

Use These Tips to Save Time When Cleaning Your Gutters

Use the Right Tools

Cleaning your gutters requires the right equipment. You need rubber gloves, a long sleeved shirt, an extendable ladder, a tarp, a plastic scoop and a long garden hose. Wear the gloves and the long-sleeved shirt and then climb up to your gutters using the extendable ladder. We suggest using standoff stabilizers with the ladder to prevent it from damaging your gutter system. Use a gutter scoop to remove the gunk and then dump it onto a plastic tarp. Flush the gutters with the hose, and then dispose of the gunk.

Hire a Professional to Keep Your Gutters in Good Condition

You’ll have a much easier time cleaning your gutters if they are in good condition. Gutter problems like leaks, cracks, and misalignment can make this simple job harder. Hire a reputable company to inspect and repair your gutters. If you don’t want to climb up and clean your gutters yourself, many professional gutter repair companies offer gutter cleaning. Hire them and they will clean your gutters much quicker than you thanks to their equipment and training.

Install a Gutter Protection System

The best way to keep your gutters clean is to prevent them from being clogged and dirty in the first place. We suggest investing in a high-quality gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet®. Gutter Helmet completely covers your gutters and has no vertical openings, preventing leaves, dirt and pine needles from entering your gutters and forming clogs. Once installed, it will keep your gutters clog-free and reduce the need for constant cleaning.

We can install rain gutter covers that will make tedious, tiring and time-consuming gutter cleaning a thing of the past. Gutter Helmet prevents debris from entering your gutters while allowing rain to get through. Its innovative and clever design allows it to handle up to 22 inches of rain per hour. Call us at (866) 882-5641 to learn more about our services and products. We serve Salem, Alabama, and nearby areas