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Your roof relies on your gutters for protection from bad weather. Unfortunately, gutters are vulnerable to leaves, dirt and other debris accumulating inside and forming clogs. The good news is you can prevent gutter clogs by installing Gutter Helmet®, a high-quality gutter protection system.

How Gutter Helmet® Uses Surface Tension to Protect Your Home

Gutter Helmet can reduce your gutter cleaning requirements, making them easier to maintain. Here’s how:

How Gutter Helmet Utilizes Surface Tension

An ordinary gutter protection system has vertical openings. For example, a gutter mesh filters out dirt and leaves, but still leaves your gutters exposed because small items can penetrate the mesh. To prevent this from happening, engineers designed Gutter Helmet to completely cover your gutters. It has no vertical openings, meaning water has enter horizontally. How is this possible?

Gutter Helmet has a unique nose-forward design and a ribbed surface that allows it to take advantage of surface tension. You can observe surface tension by placing a glass sideways under a running faucet. Observe how the water flows along the curve of the glass. Rain will act in the same way, clinging to Gutter Helmet’s surface and then flowing into the narrow horizontal slits. Since Gutter Helmet completely covers your gutter system and has no vertical openings, debris and leaves can’t enter to form clogs.

Gutter Helmet’s Other Features

Gutter Helmet is reinforced with heavy-gauge aluminum brackets. Stronger than other gutter protection support systems, these brackets allow Gutter Helmet to withstand heavy snow and rain and other severe weather conditions. The system also has a PermaLife™ finish that protects it from the effects of acid rain and salt water. This finish comes in a range of color options, making it easy to find an option that complements your home’s design.

ABC Seamless Siding can protect your gutters through our services. Aside from installing Gutter Helmet, we can also repair or replace steel siding, metal roofing, windows and doors. Call us at (866) 405-8248 to learn more about our services and products. You can also ask for a free quote. We serve Anchorage, AK, and nearby areas.