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Installing a gutter protection system can help reduce the risk of landscape damage, foundation cracks and roof leaks. There are several different types of gutter protection systems to choose between, however, so Gutter Helmet® Systems of Alabama is here to talk about your available options. As an experienced gutter protection service expert, we can help determine the best choice for your home.

Understanding the Various Gutter Protection Options

Types of Gutter Protection Systems

The different kinds of gutter protection systems include mesh screens, micro-mesh screens, foam gutter inserts, gutter brushes and reverse-curve surface tension systems.

Mesh. Mesh screens and micro-mesh screens work by covering your gutter system and blocking large debris. The mesh covers have small holes that allow water through. These covers, however, can become blocked as well, experiencing the same type of clogging as the gutters themselves.

Foam. On the other hand, foam gutter inserts are used to fill your gutters and prevent debris from settling in them, but some foam gutters can promote moss growth.

Brushes. Like foam gutter inserts, gutter brushes also fill your gutters. The bristles of the brushes catch and trap debris while still allowing water to flow, but unfortunately, you cannot remove debris and dirt from the brushes once they get stuck.

Reverse-Curve. Reverse-curve surface tension gutter protection systems like Gutter Helmet completely cover your gutters and have no vertical openings to become obstructed with debris.

Why Gutter Helmet Is the Right Choice for Your Home

Gutter Helmet is the best choice for your home because it completely covers your gutters, which leaves debris no chance of getting into the gutters. Due to the principle of surface tension, only water sticks to Gutter Helmet’s surface, following its curve until it enters small horizontal slits through which it flows into the gutters. According to tests, Gutter Helmet can handle up to 22 inches of rain per hour. That’s more than twice the highest recorded rainfall value in the country, so you know you can rely on our product.

Our exceptional customer service and great gutter protection system is what has made Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama the leading gutter protection service provider in our area. Gutter Helmet will protect your home from the dangers of clogged gutters, and as an authorized Gutter Helmet dealer, we back our work with a Lifetime Warranty. Call us at (866) 598-7525 to learn more about our products and services or to get a free quote. We serve homeowners in Chelsea, Alabama.