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Wood anywhere in your home–from your deck, siding, window frames, fascia board, to your roofing system–is vulnerable to rot. Dealing with rot is not just annoying; it can also be dangerous. Today, Gutter Helmet of Cookeville, your local gutter protection dealer with great gutter guards reviews, discusses what rot is and how it can be prevented.

Understanding Rot and How It Can Be Prevented

About Wood Rot

Rot occurs when a certain type of fungus grows on a wooden material. It multiplies and feeds on wood whenever moisture is present for an extended period of time and the right temperature is reached. Once damaged, the structural integrity of certain parts of your home will be compromised. Your roof deck, for example, is vulnerable to wood rot that could cause it to fail. Rot weakens the structure, attracting other pests and animals.

Preventing Wood Rot

The home, with its many wooden elements, needs to be checked on a regular basis. Maintenance is a must to halt any opportunity for the fungus to grow and penetrate the wood. One way to do so is to maintain the cleanliness of flat surfaces, including your roof, deck and stairs. Staining and painting can protect the wood further.

Any debris must be removed from your roof, including your gutters. That way, wood rot won’t occur on the other parts of your roofing system, like the fascia and the attic. A better way to deal with this is by installing gutter guard systems from a company like Gutter Helmet of Cookeville.

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