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Gutters are designed to catch the rainwater that hits your roof and redirect it away from your home’s foundation. The problem is that gutters have an open design, which allows debris to settle inside of them, causing clogs. To prevent this issue, invest in a gutter protection system that has garnered many positive gutter cover reviews.

4 Popular Gutter Covers and Their Main Features

Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular gutter guard systems.

1.  Gutter Foams

Gutter foams are economical and readily available, but they aren’t as reliable as other options. You need to cut them very precisely according to the dimensions of your gutters or they won’t work properly. Additionally, you’ll need to frequently remove the debris that has settled on the foams, so your gutter maintenance duties won’t really be reduced, which kind of defeats the purpose of investing in gutter protection.

2. Gutter Mesh

Super-fine mesh screens may be better than perforated metal covers, but they still aren’t terribly efficient when it comes to redirecting water to the gutters. In fact, many people who have used them report that water tends to wash over the covers instead of flowing into the gutters.

3. Nylon Gutter Guards

The most notable feature of nylon gutter guards is that they aren’t attached to the shingles. Nylon gutter guards aren’t as durable as their aluminum counterparts.

4. Gutter Helmet®

With consistently positive gutter cover reviews, Gutter Helmet stands by its promise to provide long-lasting gutter protection. Unlike other gutter guards, this surface-tension gutter protection system sheds debris through its nose-forward design, which eliminates the problems of most flat gutter covers. Plus, it comes with a patented PermaLife™ finish that adds color to your roofline.

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