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Foam gutter guards are affordable and easily purchased at your local hardware store. While these gutter guards may perform well during the first few months, you won’t see the same level of performance as time passes. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of gutter sponges deteriorates after two years, on average.

If you’re thinking of getting foam gutter guards this year, we urge you to reconsider due to the following reasons. 

Pollen Buildup

Traditional PVC or stainless steel gutters are often filled with pollen during springtime. Foam guards exacerbate this problem because pollen tends to clog the foam’s pores and impede water flow, trapping water in the gutter and making it spill over siding and walls.

Dirt & Seed Trapping

Foam gutter guards can trap debris and seeds, accelerating the formation of clogs. In addition, foam guards are challenging to clean because they naturally expand and contract. Using brushes to attempt to remove dirt and debris can damage the foam gutter material.

Short Lifespan

Foam gutter guards are lightweight and need no additional structural support, making their installation easy. However, this type of gutter protection can only last for two to three years. If regularly maintained and cleaned, foam gutter guards can last for five years.


Foam materials eventually break down or suffer damage. Additionally, mold can infiltrate poorly manufactured foam gutter guards, causing them to rot from the inside and clog the gutter system with loose particulates.

Mold Growth

The moisture-trapping nature of gutter sponges encourages mold growth. Fungi and molds grow on the sponges. Later on, they will release spores and potentially spread in your indoor spaces too.

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