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Many homeowners vouch for the effectiveness and efficiency of gutter vacuums. They’re even available in retail stores. However, like other cleaning equipment, gutter vacuums have their pros and cons. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages in this post.

Gutter vacuums work by sucking up debris from the gutters. The vacuum is fitted with a hose that is connected to the gutter on one end and the vacuum on the other end. When the vacuum is turned on, it sucks out debris from the gutters and leaves them clean. A gas or electric motor usually powers these vacuums.

Pros of Gutter Vacuums

  • No Climbing Necessary 

A ladder isn’t necessary to use a gutter vacuum. This makes the equipment a safe choice for homeowners who want to DIY gutter cleaning.

  • Precise & Effective

Most retail-grade gutter vacuums can effectively remove dirt from gutters. Their arched neck enables maximum cleaning, especially when the machine comes with good horsepower.

  • Quick &  Easy

High-quality gutter vacuums are good for quick cleaning and are user-friendly. 

Cons of Gutter Vacuums

  • Can’t Clean Excessive Dirt

A retail-grade gutter vacuum may not be able to clean stubborn dirt buildup or leaf and twig deposits. It’s best to have gutter covers installed to prevent excessive dirt and debris in your gutter system.

  • May Underperform 

Gutter cleaning specialists use industrial-grade gutter vacuums to clear out gutters efficiently. Retail-grade vacuums aren’t as powerful as the equipment used by professionals, so they may underperform and suffer damage from excessive amounts of twigs and other debris.

  • Can’t Clean What Is Not Seen

Gutter vacuums make your system easy to clean without using a ladder. However, you can’t clean what you can’t see. That’s why you may still be tempted to use a ladder to ensure you got all the dirt and debris.

Gutter guards can reduce the amount of debris that gets inside your gutter system, minimizing the hassle of gutter cleaning and the risk of clogging. Get high-quality gutter guards from Gutter Helmet today. Call (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form for inquiries.

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