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The fall season brings a dazzling show of colors thanks to the changing leaves. However, the beautiful leaves become a nuisance when they start piling up in your yard. Don’t be too quick to throw out those leaves, though!

In this article, ABC Seamless Siding, a local gutter contractor with rave  gutter cover reviews, shares how you can put those fallen leaves to good use.

Leaf Mulch

If fallen leaves are slowly taking over your lawn, put them to good use by turning them into mulch. By forming a protective layer over your soil, mulch keeps earthworms protected from predators and helps suppress weed growth. Here’s how to turn leaves into mulch:

  1. Collect as many as you can. Ask for help if necessary.

  2. Shred the leaves using a mower. Be careful when doing this.

  3. Cover your garden or flower beds with shredded leave in a layer about three inches thick. Make sure you don’t cover the stems of your plants.

  4. Hose the mulch down with water so it settles over the soil. The water will weigh the leaves down and will keep the mulch from being scattered by the wind.

Protective Barrier for Saplings

Tender plants and perennials need insulation during the cold months. You can take a mesh fence and put it around the plant, then fill it with leaves so it forms a barrier of warmth.

Compost Pile

Supercharge your compost pile with fallen leaves. The compost materials can help make your soil healthier.

Fallen leaves are indeed pretty to look at, but they can become annoying quickly when you don’t know what to do with them. No matter the season, don’t let leaves clog up your gutters.

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