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Gutters are a basic component of all buildings today. Did you know that people have used gutters for centuries? Today, Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota, a gutter protection systems expert, discusses how gutters have evolved over the years.

Early Times

Evidence of gutter use has been found from as early as 3000 BC to 1500 BC. The Harappan civilization, located in modern day Pakistan, used waterborne toilets that were connected by drains covered with bricks of burnt clay. These are considered the earliest form of gutters, a way for water to travel from place to place. At around 27 BC to 14 AD, the Romans built their roads by “crowning” them at the center so that mud and water ran downhill into gutters.

In t1066, the Norman Invasion led to the redesign of churches and residences to give those buildings stone roofs and parapets. Rain that fell on the roof drained into gutters and then came out from the mouths of gargoyle statues.  Many years passed as gutter technology slowly improved.

Modern Developments

Fast-forward to the 20th Century, and we see the biggest advances in gutter technology. Metal rolling machines were invented, allowing for efficient manufacturing of half-round steel gutters. The metal shortage caused by World War II then led to a surge in the development of plastics. Vinyl gutters became common in the US. In the 1960s, seamless aluminum gutter machines were invented, making aluminum gutters more popular.

Today, there is a wide range of gutter materials for homeowners to choose from and each gutter material has its own distinct advantages. You can now also upgrade your gutters by installing a gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet. This innovative gutter defense system can prevent debris from entering your gutters and forming clogs, greatly reducing your gutter system’s maintenance needs.

Gutter Helmet is one of the best gutter protection systems available because it is effective, durable and long-lasting. Our product can handle up to 22 inches of rain per hour. You can count on Gutter Helmet to protect your gutters, no matter the weather.

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