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Tools That Make Gutter Cleaning Faster & More Efficient

By November 10, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Gutter cleaning should be part of every homeowner’s to-do list because gutters perform a critical function. They redirect rainwater away from your home and protect your roof, siding and foundation from damage. That’s why it’s important to invest in gutter cleaning tools and products to keep a system in top condition.

Gutter Scoops

These shovels are just the right size for your gutters, so you can easily reach in and remove leaves and debris. Manufacturers typically make them from tough plastic and you can easily clean them with a hose. Using one means you have to get up on a ladder, however.

Power Washers

Also known as pressure washers, these high-pressure mechanical sprayers can remove loose dirt, grime, dust and leaves quickly. You can use them to clear out your gutters with special attachments on the nozzle. With the right extensions, you can use this tool from the ground.

Gutter Helmet®

Gutter scoops and power washers make cleaning your gutters easier, but there’s a better solution available. Installing gutter shields in Granite City, Illinois, will make cleaning your gutter a thing of the past. We can install Gutter Helmet® on your home, preventing leaves and debris from entering the gutter system. It utilizes the principle of surface tension to direct water into your gutters and can handle the heaviest rains and storms. You’ll no longer need to climb up a ladder, or tire yourself out washing your gutters.

Gutter Helmet will reduce your gutter’s maintenance requirements and prevent clogs from forming. It is the best product you can purchase to keep your gutter clean and protect the rest of your home from the dangers of clogged gutters. Gutter Helmet of St. Louis, Mid-Missouri and Kansas City has been solving gutter-related problems for homeowners since 1983. We have the skills, resources and experience needed to handle any kind of gutter problem and install Gutter Helmet on any home. Give us a call to learn more or to get a free estimate.