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4 Reasons Homeowners Should Not Clean Their Own Gutters

By November 10, 2015October 17th, 2023No Comments

Gutters are important components of your home because they direct water away from your exterior and foundation. By preventing water damage, your windows, roofs, siding and other components will last longer and look great for many years.

One of the main gutter issues that homeowners face is clogging, which is often a result of debris such as leaves, twigs and dirt piling up inside gutters and downspouts. When this happens, water will not be able to pass through and will cause overflows and sagging gutters. To prevent these issues, maintenance is key. However, you should never attempt to clean them on your own because:

1. You can fall from the ladder. Falling is one of the risks of gutter cleaning. This usually happens when the ladder is unstable or you lose your balance while on the ladder.

2. You can get cuts, scrapes or scratches. Sharp gutter edges, screws and nearby twigs and branches can lead to cuts.

3. You can get too close to power lines. This is a serious health hazard, especially if the protective wire insulation around the cable lines has rubbed off.

4. You don’t have the right tools and skills. When contractors clean gutters, they always have the proper tools, such as a high-pressure water hose and safety equipment. They can also check for damage that will require repairs or replacement.

If you want to eliminate cleaning altogether, you can install protective gutter covers from Gutter Helmet® of Kansas City LLC. Our gutter shields in Belton, Missouri, filter debris from rainwater effectively, preventing clogs. The water then enters a small slit at the front of the guard while the debris falls to the ground.

Aside from eliminating clogs, Gutter Helmet also prevents cracked foundations, rotted wood, mold and landscape erosion. We back our products with a transferable lifetime warranty that covers both performance and material. To learn more about Gutter Helmet, call us today at (800) 824-3772.