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Even minor leaks should be addressed immediately to prevent costly damage. A small leak will only worsen if left unattended. To prevent leaks in the first place, it pays to take care of your gutters.

The Top Causes of Gutter Leaks

Today, Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota lists the common causes of gutter leaks to watch out for:


Cracks usually form after years of wear and tear. These often occur in areas where gutter sections are secured together or where fasteners pass through the metal. These locations are prone to leaks and debris buildup. When left untreated, they may detach from each other.


Leaves, dirt and other debris can find their way into your gutters over time, resulting in clogs. This can cause water to leak over the sides of the gutters and damage your home. While you can prevent this through regular cleaning, a more reliable long-term solution is to install Gutter Helmet®, the best gutter guard system.

Improper Slope

Apart from the heft of water and debris, constant exposure to fluctuating temperatures cause the gutters to sag in certain areas. When this happens, the gutters will become misaligned, causing water to overflow.

Loose Fasteners

If your gutters are attached to your roof with nails, hangers and screws, they may eventually loosen. This is especially common when the fascia board sustains damage. As a result, water can spill over the rear edge of the gutters.

A simple yet effective way to minimize the risks of leaks is to install Gutter Helmet. This innovative gutter protection system improves your gutters’ efficiency by blocking leaves, twigs and other debris from entering the gutters, so water can flow freely into the downspouts. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, which is why you can expect it to remain up to task for many years.

Looking for the best gutter guard system? Your search ends with Gutter Helmet of Minnesota. Give us a call at (866) 200-5339 for more information. We serve homeowners throughout Monticello, MN, and the surrounding areas.