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Like most home components, gutters are susceptible to a number of issues. That’s why you need to invest in gutter guard systems like Gutter Helmet® to protect your investment. Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina, your premier gutter company, shares how this excellent gutter cover can benefit you.

4 Advantages of Our Gutter Protection Solutions


Traditionally, you can keep your gutters clear by climbing a ladder and scooping out the assortment of loose debris inside. It’s stressful and messy work, especially for the untrained homeowner. Gutter Helmet® eliminates this with its exclusive design, which uses the principles of surface tension and gravity.

These exceptional gutter guard systems come with a nose-forward design that guides rainwater along its surface right into a waiting slit toward the gutters. This slit is small enough to filter any solid debris but big enough to admit water. Since you won’t have to clean your gutters or worry about its maintenance, you can save money and prevent premature failure.


You want gutter protection that can keep your system free-flowing without failing during a storm. Gutter Helmet can handle harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain and snow, high winds or hail storms. Additionally, our team will also attach Gutter Helmet to your roof using reinforced aluminum alloy brackets, which secures them in place no matter the weather.

Worthwhile Investment

You no longer have to replace your gutter guards again when you invest in Gutter Helmet. Apart from keeping your gutters in good shape, it eliminates your maintenance concerns. Plus, it comes with a transferable lifetime warranty that covers materials and product performance.

Curb Appeal

Gutter Helmet can also create a sleeker roofline. This gutter guard system has a PermaLife™ finish, a high-performance coating that resists corrosion, chalking and fading. You can choose from its range of colors to match your exterior design.

Count on Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina for your gutter guard installation. Call us today at (828) 237-3001 to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Mill Springs and other nearby areas in North Carolina.