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If you’re in the market for seamless aluminum gutters, then you need to do your homework before choosing replacements for your existing gutters. There are no recognized industry standards, required licenses, professional certification programs or nonprofit trade associations for gutter installers, so it’s important to take the time to do some research before hiring an installer and choosing new gutters.

On our website, we have other articles about the different types of gutters, as well as common gutter problems. These will help you familiarize yourself with all the various options so you can more easily determine which one is best suited to the specific needs of your home. Then ask yourself: is the price the only thing I need to consider?

Additional Questions to Consider

When you come right down to it, all that’s really necessary for a new seamless gutter system is an installer who can (1) rip off the existing gutters, (2) bring in the appropriate equipment, (3) cut the gutter material to the lengths that are needed, (4) attach them to your fascia boards and (5) haul away the old, discarded gutters. Anyone with a pickup truck, gutter machine, ladder, screw gun and caulk gun can do this.

But what if the workmanship is poor? What if the caulk gets brittle? What if the aluminum is too thin? What if the hangers are too widely spaced? What if the metal sags or warps and pulls away from the fascia boards? What if the size of the gutters and the number of downspouts are insufficient to drain the water off your roof? What if the pitch of the trough isn’t right? What if the corners aren’t smoothly mitered? What if the downspouts aren’t snugly joined to the gutter trough? What if the gutters and downspouts come from different manufacturers so that the colors fade differently?

What You Can Expect From an Inexperienced Installer

Do you want to risk finding out that your gutter installer is no longer in business just for the sake of saving a little money? The gutter business attracts many people who may learn how to do gutter installation but are less skilled at the business side of things. For this reason, they may offer low prices to generate work, but then discover they can’t survive. Stories abound of “one-man show” installers who install by day and make their sales calls by night; thus, they lack the time and energy to get truly organized.

Choose Gutter Helmet® for a Professional Installation

In general, it’s best to look for gutter installers who take a professional approach to all that they do, whether they’re making sales presentations and giving estimates, following all safety procedures and ensuring top workmanship, or just running their businesses the best they know how. Also, don’t hesitate to visit their office or business location and take a look around. After all, your goal is to install high-quality gutters that will provide long-lasting performance. To schedule the installation of new gutters or learn about the benefits of a rain gutter guard, give Gutter Helmet a call today at (800) 824-3772 or contact us online.