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When choosing between a K-Style and a half-round gutter system, there are several factors to consider. This mainly includes the type of roof you have and the amount of rainfall you get in your local area. But choosing either of them will ensure your home is protected from water damage and rot as long as you work with the right contractor for the job. Gutter Helmet of Cookeville, a trusted contractor with great gutter guard reviews, shares what you need to consider:

Half-Round Gutters

This type of gutter system features a smooth, half-round surface that can be made from aluminum, copper, or other galvanized metal. It was first popularized during the 1960s when the seamless gutter machine became widely available. Compared to K-Style gutters, half-round gutters often look more stylish as well as aesthetically appealing depending on the home’s architecture. This may not be ideal for places that get heavy rainfall, however, as the average width of a half-round gutter is three inches. 

K-Style Gutters

You’ll find this type of gutter system in many types of homes across the country. As the name suggests, they’re made with the letter “K” when viewed from the side, which is designed to avoid damage from falling debris such as leaves and small branches. Newer K-Style gutters also curve out at both the top and the bottom, which potentially allows a larger volume of water runoff.

Compared to other types of gutters, K-Style gutter systems hold more water, making them more suitable to areas that experience heavy rainfall. They’re more affordable compared to half-round gutters, and they’re more available in different types of materials. And while they may not be as stylish as half-round gutters, this often depends on the type of roof and the home’s architecture.

As a company boasting successful gutter guard reviews, Gutter Helmet of Cookeville is your best choice when you’re looking for a reliable gutter installer in the area! Call us at (866) 985-9982 or fill out our online contact form. We serve our customers in Tennessee, including Cookeville and surrounding areas.

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