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Warranties are just as important as the products you purchase. They protect you from unwanted expenses and defective materials.

The Gutter Helmet® Warranty: What Can It Give You?

Gutter Helmet® offers the best gutter protection service with our gutter guards. And, the best product should come with the best warranty available to homeowners.

Transferable Warranty Coverage

At Gutter Helmet, we want our warranty to last for a lifetime. We understand homeowners often move for different reasons like a job promotion or the need to accommodate their growing family. And, some gutter product warranties become void when this happens – but not with Gutter Helmet.

Our warranty comes with a transferable performance and material warranty if you sell the home. We call this the Triple Performance Lifetime Warranty for extended protection of your gutter guards.

Guaranteed Installation Success

Gutter guards may fail due to poorly-installed materials or sealant damage. A regular gutter product doesn’t cover installation damage when it occurs.

Gutter Helmet didn’t only create their warranty to cover the gutter guard installation, but we also use the industry’s highest-quality sealant called poly butyl so you won’t have to worry about it.

Complete Product Service

Our Lifetime Warranty means lifetime service. In the rare instance that you experience clogging even with our gutter guards installed, we will handle it for you. Because our warranty covers everything, from installation to maintenance and repairs.

At Carolina Gutter Helmet and More, we are ready to serve you with our dedicated team. Our gutter guards come with a tough warranty coverage to match the protection your gutters deserve. Call us at (864) 469-4442 or (803) 828-7765 for more information. We serve residents of Greer, SC, and other nearby areas.