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Keeping your house clean is rarely an easy and pleasant task. However, upkeep needs to be done if you want an optimally functioning home. Read on  as Gutter Helmet® of Western North Carolina, home of numerous positive Gutter Helmet reviews, gives these tips for an easy gutter cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning Made Easy

Gear Up

Proper gear and equipment make the task at hand easier, not to mention safer. Every year, 90,000 Americans are rushed to emergency rooms due to ladder-related injuries. Make sure you don’t become part of that statistic by using ladders that are the proper height. Moving your ladder every two feet or so can also reduce the risk of falling. You should use gutter scoops and hooks that can either be handheld or attached to an extension pole.

Keep It Regular

The frequency with which you should clean your gutters will depend on where you live. If your house is surrounded by trees, it might be a good idea to clean your gutters twice or thrice a year since leaves are bound to accumulate especially during fall. Regularly cleaning your gutters will make subsequent cleanings easier since you won’t have to deal with as much debris compared to if you only clean once a year.

Eliminate the Need

Perhaps the best way to make gutter cleaning easier is to eliminate the factors that necessitate a cleaning. One way to do that is to choose gutter covers that keep out leaves, pine needles and other debris for good. This is where products like Gutter Helmet excel. The gutter protection system allows rainwater to pass through the gutter channel while letting various debris fall to the ground. Cleaning up the leaves off the ground is easier than having to climb up and down a ladder and risk falling.

To find out why Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina has garnered so many positive Gutter Helmet reviews, call us at (828) 237-3001. It’s never too late to experience the Gutter Helmet difference. We serve Mills Springs, North Carolina.