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Gutters play a critical role in protecting your home from water damage. Each part of the gutter system is specifically designed and positioned to halt water damage effectively. Gutter Helmet® Systems of Alabama, your local company with good gutter guards reviews, explains more below.

The Complete Gutter System: Examining the Vital Parts


The corner sections of the gutter system are susceptible to leaks. The miter secures these vulnerable areas to prevent leakage.

End Cap

The end cap ensures that the gutter is enclosed from end to end, keeping water from flowing out.

Gutter Section

This part of the gutter system catches the rainwater and, in cold climates, melted snow. The regular length of a gutter section stretches between five to ten feet long.


These fasten the gutter sections together, ensuring that no leaks occur in between. They are the brackets that give the whole gutter system its strength and support. They come in various sizes and types to strengthen the gutters’ ability to cope with the weight of rainfall and snowmelt. There are two types of hangers: the bracket hanger and the ferrule hanger. Your local climate will likely determine which is more appropriate.


This is the part of the gutter system that you can see on the ground. It is often an enclosed pipe strapped to the side of your home with brackets. Water flows through it from the gutters above you and down toward the storm drain. The downspout has two parts: the vertical downpipe and the bent pipe, which is called the elbow.

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