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The Benefits of Using Heated Gutters this Cold Season

By December 8, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Every home has its own version of winter preparation. What’s important is you keep your home dry and comfortable during these cold months. One of the problems you may have to deal with is ice damming.

Ice buildup on any part of your home is a serious issue. In this post, we talk about dealing with ice damming by using heated gutters.

Prevents Ice Build Up

There are many types of gutters in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin — all of these need to stay clear and clean this winter. We offer an excellent way to do just that. The Helmet Heat Ice Reduction System prevents ice and snow buildup in gutters. It melts the ice even before it fully settles. Helmet Heat makes use of a heavy-duty commercial grade self-regulating cable, which is safe and reliable. Helmet Heat is self-regulating and only works when necessary.

Offers Ease of Installation

In case you’re worrying about high installation costs and stressful procedure, we have a team that efficiently sets up Helmet Heat. We can install the system directly under Gutter Helmet, so there won’t be visible wires or roof clips. Since Helmet Heat is self-regulating, it doesn’t require constant monitoring. You also have the option of manually removing existing ice dams to speed up thawing.

Keeps Your Gutters in Good Shape

Gutters are responsible for collecting water from your roof and channeling it through proper slopes, all the way through your downspouts. Given this crucial role, make sure your gutters stay clean and unclogged. By heating your gutters, you can prevent various problems, such as sagging and clogging. You need all the maintenance help you can get this winter. If you install Helmet Heat, you can cross out ice dams off your winter checklist.

We will help you make your home a better place this winter. Install Helmet Heat today and prevent ice damming on your gutters. You can also turn to us for your other home improvement needs, such as replacement windows, retractable awnings, insulation, roofing, siding, and others.

For more information on using Helmet Heat, call Wrightway Home Improvement today at (866) 661-7420. We will be ready to take your call and answer your questions.