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The 5 Best Websites for Finding Gutter Contractors in Your Area

By May 23, 2013October 16th, 2023No Comments

In the old days, the most efficient way to locate a company to hang, fix, or clean gutters was to ask a neighbor, friend, or colleague in the area. And while phone books and online directories helped provide homeowners with more choices, they didn’t offer much help in figuring out which company was best suited for their specific gutter project.

But today, there are several websites which not only list potential gutter contractors in a given geographic location, but also provide additional information about them, peruse online reviews from other homeowners, and even allow you to request a no-obligation cost estimate.

Here are five of the best:


This is a nationwide network of home contractors which has been in business for over a decade. After selecting whether you want your gutters cleaned, repaired, or installed, you’re asked for your ZIP code, which materials you prefer, what your timeframe is, and whether you’re ready to hire someone immediately or simply get a quote — all before you have to enter personal information. Then HomeBlue returns several options for contractors in your area based on the information you provide — and you get to choose the one you want.

2. HomeAdvisor

This site is very similar to HomeBlue in how it selects potential guttering contractors for your home. But in addition to procuring contractors, HomeAdvisor also has additional resources, such as a cost guide for similar projects so you know how much you will expect to pay a contractor for your gutter job. There’s also an impressive resource center covering all aspects of home improvement. And it also acts as a feedback site, with over two million reviews by homeowners that you can access in order to find out more about a particular contractor.

3. National Rain Gutter Contractors Association

This is the portal for the American trade group which assists companies who repair and replace gutters for a living. The NRGCA aims to work with not only contractors, but also manufacturers, architects, and distributors to create ethical standards and codes for all gutter contractors nationwide. You can request an estimate through the NRGCA site, but it clearly favors contractors who are members of the organization by providing more information about those companies’ products and services. And you cannot contact non-member contractors and request an estimate directly from them via this site.


As the name implies, the site focuses on pairing homeowners and business owners with contractors in dozens of different repair and remodeling projects, including gutter installation. First founded back in 1997, boasts over 1.2 million residential and commercial members, and was even named to Forbes’ Magazine’s “Best of the Web” list for two years in a row. But after you select your desired project and enter your ZIP code, it immediately asks for personal information before it provides you with companies or quotes.

5. Fixr

This website takes a slightly different approach. Fixr strives to provide you with comprehensive information about what a given gutter project will cost in your area — and it takes care to break down materials and labor costs as well as any “add-on” costs which may apply to a given project. Then it provides an actual dollar range of costs for any ZIP code. It even provides a list of recommended contractors for different projects (like gutter installation) in selected cities, as well as a direct way to request an estimate from these companies.