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Telltale Signs of Storm Chasers & How to Avoid Them

By August 13, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Storm chasers are more than just a myth. They might come knocking at your door right after a bad round of weather has hit your town. Like skilled salesmen, they know how to come at the most convenient time and deliver assurances of repairing your roof for a surprisingly low cost.

When your roof is damaged and every contractor in town is backed up, it’s easy to fall prey to storm chasers. But remember, they’re not called “fly by night” roofers for no reason. If you want your roof to stand up to severe weather conditions and the test of time, they are definitely not your best bet. Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim of storm chasers.

Always Be Present

If you check roofing repair and gutter covers reviews in Granite City, Illinois, you might find stories of how some rip-off companies have tried to fake storm damage with hammers and golf balls. Make sure that can’t happen. Don’t let anyone inspect your property without you present.

Know the Contractor

Vet a contractor first before allowing access to your home. Ask for the company’s phone number and address, and visit the physical office before agreeing to anything. You’ll also want to contact their insurance and bonding companies to be sure their liability and worker’s compensation policies are enough to cover your project.

Also, be aware that some contractors use a local company’s name or set up temporary offices to appear homegrown. It’s a good idea to check their vehicles for out-of-state license plates.

Pull Permits and Licenses

Make sure the company acquires all the necessary building permits prior to doing the job, and verify that the name on the permit matches the company name. It also pays to check your community’s local licensing board and state attorney general’s office for complaints and disciplinary actions.

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