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Gutter Helmet of Minnesota Monticello

Avoiding the Dangers of Gutter Cleaning with Gutter Helmet®

By August 14, 2015No Comments

Keeping your gutter in good condition should be a top priority. If leaves and debris clog your gutter, your foundation, siding and roof are at risk of water damage. While you may want to climb up the ladder yourself, remember that this can put your safety at serious risk.

The Risks of Cleaning Gutters by Yourself

Studies by the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that more than 90,000 people annually suffer ladder-related injuries that send them to the emergency room. Proper ladder safety precautions, like making sure your ladder is secure and keeping three limbs in contact with the ladder at all times, will help. Nevertheless, remember that you are taking your safety in your own hands if you clean your gutters by yourself.

Cleaning your gutters is also a physically demanding job. The repeated climbing and descending can aggravate existing joint problems. If you’re concerned about physical issues or the danger of climbing up a ladder, then contact Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota to do the job.

A Permanent Solution to Gutter Cleaning

We are the experts at inspecting, cleaning, repairing and hanging gutters in Monticello, Minnesota, so you can be sure your gutters will be in safe hands. Aside from gutter cleaning, we can also offer you a more permanent solution to your gutter problems: Gutter Helmet.

Gutter Helmet prevents leaves and debris from entering your gutter through the principle of surface tension. Just as water curves around a glass when it’s placed under running water, rain will flow over our curved gutter guard system directly into your gutter. Since the system covers the whole gutter and extends slightly past your roof, leaves and debris just slide off. This means your gutter will stay free from clogs, greatly reducing its maintenance requirements.                                                                                                                                                                             

Gutter Helmet of Minnesota has been in business for 15 years and has installed gutter systems on over 21,000 homes. Our level of expertise means we can handle any gutter problem you may have quickly and efficiently. Give us a call to learn more about Gutter Helmet and our other products and services, or to get a free quote.