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Summer Weather Brings an Increased Risk of Fire

By July 5, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Certain problems can arise with gutters during the summer. As part of your home maintenance, it is important that you regularly check your gutters and take proactive steps to prevent these problems. Gutter Helmet’s innovative gutter protection systems help to keep your gutters clear and working properly for controlled, directed water flow that safeguards your home.

Wildfires are a Threat

Some areas of the country are susceptible to wildfires due to hot and dry conditions in the summer. During a wildfire, embers can land in gutters and ignite dry leaves and pine needles. Cleaning out gutters is essential to prevent fires in areas prone to wildfires. In fact, local fire departments may post notices on the doors in areas where wildfires occur to get homeowners to act and thus prevent fires.

You can prevent dangerous situations by having your gutters cleaned out and using an effective gutter protection system.

Prevent Gutter Problems with Gutter Helmet®

Keep wildfires and debris build-up in gutters at bay with Gutter Helmet®, one of the best gutter protection systems available today. With the Gutter Helmet system, water flows freely through gutters and down to the downspouts to the ground safely without damaging the siding or foundation of the home.

Gutter Helmet can remove all the debris, leaves, pine needles and other matter that clogs your gutters so water can flow freely to the downspouts. Avoid damage to your home and landscaping. Reduce risks of your home catching on fire. After installing our gutter guards, your gutters are protected from debris and also require less cleaning.

Call us at (800) 824-3772 to get a quote and have a local Gutter Helmet dealer come out to your home today. Our certified gutter guard installation experts are professional, courteous and helpful. They’ll get the job done right and leave your home better than they found it!