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America’s #1 Choice: Top 4 Features of Gutter Helmet®

By July 4, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Cleaning out your gutters is important to keep water flowing through them freely. When leaves, twigs, and other debris collect in your gutters, water will overflow and cause damage to your foundation, siding, and landscape. However, manual cleaning can be both difficult and dangerous. That’s why investing in an effective gutter protection system is the best solution.

When it comes to gutter protection, no other name comes close to Gutter Helmet®. For over 35 years, this innovative product has been keeping roofing systems free from debris and damage. By installing Gutter Helmet, you can ensure a lasting and comprehensive protection for your gutters in Salem AL, and the surrounding area. Here are four vital features that make Gutter Helmet America’s #1 choice:

1. Patented Nose-Forward Design – Through its unique design, Gutter Helmet is able to use surface tension to maintain the steady flow of water to your gutters. Water flows freely through its 3/8” opening underneath, while debris fall harmlessly to the ground. This ensures that your gutters remain free from leaves, twigs, and dirt at all times.

2. Textured Surface – Along with its nose-forward design, the ribbed surface of Gutter Helmet ensures proper water flow. With an increased tensile strength, this allows the system to stand up to even the heaviest rainfall.

3. PermaLife™ Finish – Its patented finish keeps Gutter Helmet protected from the damaging effects of acid rain and salt water. It will not rust, chalk, or corrode thanks to the high-performance properties of PermaLife. In addition, the finish comes in many colors to complement your home’s design.

4. Heavy-Duty Bracket – This premium-engineered material ensures that Gutter Helmet remains firmly attached to your gutters in Salem AL, or the surrounding area. Since this is extremely durable, Gutter Helmet can handle 22” of rainwater every hour without overflowing.

Install Gutter Helmet today for your gutter’s ultimate protection. This is your best solution against clogging, so you’ll never have to clean your gutters yourself or hire an expert again. As the exclusive provider of Gutter Helmet in the region, Chattahoochee Gutter Company can install this product for you. Give us a call today and we’ll have our experts examine your needs today. You can also schedule a FREE consultation by completing our convenient contact form.