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Even when you don’t have trees planted on your property, your gutter system may still end up getting clogged with organic matter. A close inspection of its insides may reveal slime, sludge, and silt — all of which can be laborious to remove if they’ve been accumulating for so long. Gutter Helmet, the trusted provider of gutter guard systems, explains how these forms of debris get inside your gutters.

Gutter Slime

Algae may grow on the surface of your roof. Through regular roof cleaning, you prevent unsightly stains and minimize potential wear on your asphalt shingles. Failure to do so can cause algae to mix with rainwater flowing down your roof during heavy downpours. It doesn’t always get drained along with the runoff. Some organic matter sticks to the inside of the gutters, turning them into a slimy mess.

Gutter Sludge

Sludge is a combination of fine organic matter, from decomposed leaves and branches to bird droppings and even animal remains. Over weeks and months, this mass of organic matter builds a mound at the bottom of your gutters, making them more challenging to clean. Worse, this can impact your gutters and downspouts over time, preventing them from correctly channeling water runoff and causing rot on your roof’s edges. Investing in a reliable gutter guard system is imperative to keep sludge and other organic debris out of your gutters. 

Gutter Silt

Generally, silt consists of soil and other small particles forming a layer at the bottom of your gutters. You can’t see it until you climb up and check your gutters from above, but it can be damaging if left unaddressed. Silt can soon become heavy and place an excessive amount of strain on your gutters. It typically flows down the roof’s slope and can be worsened by poorly sloping gutters or many obstructions in the metal material.

How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

Slime, sludge, and silt in your gutter system can become a huge issue if not addressed immediately. Fortunately, you can mitigate them through regular maintenance and professional gutter cleaning. You can even invest in a gutter protection system — with this, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your gutters. Plus, installing one helps to extend your gutters’ life span.

For the best gutter system solution, Gutter Helmet is the name to trust. With our exceptional gutter covers in place, keeping your gutter system clean and free of slime, sludge and silt become easier. You can request a free, no-obligation quote by calling (800) 824-3772 or filling out the contact form.

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