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Living near a forested area or a neighborhood that has a lot of trees can make anyone feel closer to nature. While it has its benefits, it can also mean more pine needles to deal with, especially when they fall onto your yard. Of course, they’ll naturally decompose and turn into mulch, a good source of organic matter for your soil to prevent erosion. However, they can be bothersome if they fall and collect on your roof. If you don’t clear them right away, they can quickly become a problem. Here are some ways to deal with this problem.

Pine Needles on Your Property

Keeping Your Lawn Clean

Pine needles can also be bothersome when they fall and accumulate in your yard. A standard rake or lawn mower won’t always be enough to get the job done, and without the right equipment, they can also be tedious to clean in other areas of your property. Consider getting specialized equipment like a lawn sweeper and a rake designed to specifically collect pine needles. This can make cleaning less tedious and more convenient, leaving you more time for other daily tasks and activities.

Maintaining Your Roof and Gutters

One way to keep your roof and gutters clean and needle-free is to trim back branches of nearby pine trees. This helps lessen the damage to your roof surface as well as minimize gutter clogs. Consider having your gutters cleaned by a local professional.

Invest in a Gutter Protection System

Gutter guards can keep fallen twigs, leaves and other debris from building up and causing gutter clogs. If you want something that’s more effective than the others, you may consider our Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system that comes with a ribbed, textured surface and a patented nose-forward design. Any debris, including the pine needles, can’t get through the system’s narrow slit, falling off the edge and to the ground below instead.

Installing the right gutter protection system can also be cost-effective since you don’t have to clean your gutters as often. Just make sure they’re installed by a contractor with trusted Gutter Helmet reviews! Call Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota today at (866) 984-6166, or fill out our online contact form to get started. We serve residents in Minnesota, including Monticello and the surrounding areas.

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