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Gutters perform one of the most important functions of your home’s exterior: keeping your house foundations safe from the effects of pooling rainwater. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on your gutters and make sure you call a repair professional if it needs repairs. Gutter Helmet® of Piedmont, provider of the best gutter covers in the business, shares the signs that you should keep an eye out for throughout the seasons.

Parts of the Gutters Are Cracking and Splitting

Today’s gutter systems can cope with heavy rainfall. However, there are factors that affect the amount of stress it can handle, such as materials, build quality and installation process. Certain types of gutter systems may show cracking and splitting, which can spread if the gutter is further strained. Adding caulk or other types of sealant can only work as a temporary measure, so the sooner you call a gutter repair specialist, the better.

The Gutters Are Sagging

Gutters are slightly angled toward the downspouts to allow rainwater to flow properly. This slight incline is barely noticeable and should look almost straight. If the gutters are noticeably sagging, it could either be gutter hanger failure, or the gutters have collapsed from the weight of accumulated leaves, dirt and debris. Sagging gutters should not be left that way for long; otherwise, sections of it would fall to the ground and necessitate an unplanned replacement.

You’re Seeing Orange Flecks

Gutters are typically made of galvanized steel and, therefore, require an outer coating to protect them from corrosion. If you’re seeing orange flecks or streaks, it means the outer coating has small holes that allowed moisture inside. You may also notice blisters or peeling paint. If caught early, you have a good chance of saving your gutters by scraping the old paint, applying fresh sealant to the joints and repainting them. If your gutters are up for replacement, consider investing in gutters made of aluminum or copper to avoid corrosion problems.

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