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Gutter guards provide many benefits to your gutter system. In addition to protecting your gutters from getting clogged by leaves and debris, it also prolongs the gutter system’s life span. In order to enjoy these benefits, your gutter protection system has to be installed correctly. The following are the gutter guard installation mistakes that should be avoided.

4 Common Gutter Guard Installation Mistakes

  1. Nailing Onto the Roof Surface — Gutter guards are designed to either snap onto existing gutters or be attached using special fasteners. Some homeowners think that nailing the gutter guards onto the roof strengthens the installation, which it doesn’t. It will also create holes on the roofing surface, which will allow rainwater intrusion. Gutter Helmet® is installed using support brackets that not only avoid roof penetration but also balance its weight.

  1. Buying the Wrong Gutter Guard Size — This is a fairly common mistake usually committed by DIYers. While gutters only come in two styles—half-round and K-style—they do come in various sizes. Installing the wrong size won’t get you the best results. If you are buying off-the-shelf gutter guards, make it a point to measure the width and total length of the gutters before going to the hardware store. Untrained gutter guard installers may also commit the mistake, but the worst thing that could happen is a delayed installation.

  1. Not Protecting the Downspouts — Downspouts route the rainwater away from the house, so it needs to be protected from clogging. Professionally installed gutter protection systems have downspout protection factored into them, and choosing such systems helps avoid the consequences of unprotected downspouts.

  1. Damaging the Gutters — Gutter protection systems are supposed to protect gutters. Therefore, modifications or installation processes that damage the gutters should be avoided. Fasteners should be the correct size and type, otherwise it may allow corrosion and wood rot. Changing the gutter pitch, whether accidentally or intentionally, may render the gutters ineffective in routing rainwater. Reduced capacity and standing water may occur.

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