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Signs of Faulty Gutters and How to Handle Them

By April 7, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Faulty gutters can lead to water-damaged furniture and home interior. Nobody wants gutters that arefailing or are not properly installed, as this would lead to a huge hassle. Gutter Helmet®of Western NC knows how to install gutter guards in Arden NC, and its surrounding areas. We make sure to give our customers the utmost satisfaction and safety when it comes to gutter installation and services. Below, we discuss faulty gutters and what that means for your home:

How does water damage affect my furniture and the interior of my home?

Wooden furniture can rot when exposed to too much moisture. This can also lead to an insect influx; mold can cover your home as well. Mold and other fungi can severely compromise your home’s structural integrity and pose serious health risks. Water damage can also make your home’s foundation vulnerable and your home unsafe.

What are the signs of faulty gutters?

There are many signs that a homeowner should watch out for when it comes to gutters. Visible rust spots means that your gutters may be too old and that they need replacing immediately. Gutters are secured to the roof with small fasteners, and these fasteners can loosen overtime, making it unsafe for homeowners. There should be no gaps between the gutters and the roof. Clogging means there must be debris in your gutters—and that your gutters need thorough cleaning. Puddles around your home can also indicate a faulty gutter, as clogged gutters tend to overflow. Water stains are also a good sign of faulty gutters. Look at the walls of your home, and if you see some, then that means your gutters might need replacing.

What do I do if I find out that I have faulty gutters?

The best way to deal with faulty gutters is to call a professional in. It’s always safer to call a qualified contractor, as they are experienced and equipped to do the necessary inspection and repair or replacement work. Gutter Helmet of Western NC knows how to install gutter guards in Arden, NC, as well as how to handle gutters in general, and we’d be more than happy to help.

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