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4 Important Gutter Projects to Do This Spring

By April 14, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

This season brings along the most ideal conditions for working on your home. Make the most out of spring weather by scheduling your gutter projects this time of the year. Don’t delay! Here are four projects that should definitely make your home improvement list this season:


Early detection is key, that’s why this spring is the best time to schedule a checkup. Have Seamless Exterior climb up your roof and give your gutters a thorough look-over. We keep an eye out for physical damage like loosened fasteners, rusting metal, or punctured seams. We also check for water buildup and leaks.


Enlist the help of experts in removing any shingle granules, leaves, and other debris that have accumulated inside the troughs. Litter like these could end up blocking the whole draining system and causing moisture problems for the rest of the home. Trimming tree branches also helps prevent more clutter from falling into your gutters.


Don’t stop at having experts check and clear out your gutters, make sure to schedule professional repair promptly. It’s important to start fixes before summer starts since the direct sun and dry weather might make it more difficult for people working on your roof.


It’s not only summer you need to prepare for. Gutters are such an important part of the roofing system that you need them to perform superbly throughout the whole year. The best solution is to have the gutters inspected, cleaned, and repaired more often. However, that could be tiring and costly.

For a long-term solution, consider having a gutter cover like Gutter Helmet® installed for your home. This patented product works wonders against clogging, rusting, and other common gutter concerns. With this kind of protection system, you won’t need to climb up your roof to clean your gutters ever again.

To keep gutters in great shape, you need to work with the experts. When choosing a contractor, remember that not all home improvement companies know how to install gutter guards in Cedar Falls IA. If you’re getting Gutter Helmet, trust only the best people with the installation.

Seamless Exterior is your best bet. We know how to install Gutter Helmet properly and back our products with extensive warranties. When we’re done working on your home, we leave you with fully functioning gutters and unparalleled peace of mind.

For more information on Gutter Helmet and our other services, feel free to give us a call. Talk to our experts about a free consultation and quote while you’re at it.