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At Gutter Helmet, we frequently remind homeowners of the importance of keeping gutters clean and clear. This is essential to the long-term protection of a home against water damage. When gutters are cleaned regularly (at least twice a year), this simple maintenance step prevents debris from building up inside and causing clogs, which lead to so many other moisture-related problems. Installing a gutter protection system like aluminum gutter covers further prevents debris build-up and clogs. 

Why You Should Keep Your Roof Clean

When leaves drop in the fall, you may start wondering if you need to keep them off the roof. In general, you don’t need to worry about tree debris such as leaves, small twigs, needles and other organic matter on the roof. However, sometimes these things can accumulate along the area where two roof angles come together and along the roof valleys, presenting two potential problems: they can cause water to flow over the gutters or trap water against the roof surface, which can lead to leaks and deterioration of roofing material. In these cases, the roof should be cleared of debris.

Clear Off the Roof

If you find damp leaves sitting in the roof valleys, contact a roofing contractor or gutter cleaning service to clear the blockage if you haven’t already. You can also have them take care of discoloration and streaks due to algae growth. While this green or black growth typically won’t harm your shingles or shakes, it can definitely detract from curb appeal. 

Avoid Power Washing 

It’s important to remember that you should never use a power washer to clear off your roof. This  method of cleaning is so powerful that it can dislodge the protective granules embedded in your shingles, which can shorten shingle life and even void the manufacturer’s warranty on the shingles.

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