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You can find the insulation below the membrane of your roof. Leaks on your roof can soak your insulation, making the insulation inefficient. This problem does not only concern your roof but it can affect the occupants of your home as well. 

Wet Insulation

Find out why insulation is bad for your home and household from a local provider of quality gutter guards

It Compromises Your Home and Roof’s Structural Integrity

Wet insulation can put a strain on your home’s structure. When not addressed, it will eventually result in warping and other structural problems. The trapped moisture caused by your wet insulation will cause the components of your roof to deteriorate faster. It will cause the fasteners of the roof, steel studs, and wall ties to corrode. 

It Will Encourage Mold Growth

If someone in the family suffers from allergies or asthma, the more you should deal with wet insulation as soon as possible. It could encourage mold growth, which is not only unsightly but also harmful to your household. These microorganisms can trigger allergy and respiratory symptoms as well as affect the quality of your indoor air. 

It Can Cause an Increase in Your Energy Costs

A sudden increase in your heating and cooling costs can indicate your insulation has issues. You can measure the effectiveness of your insulation when it comes to thermal resistance through its R-value. Once your insulation gets soaked with water, it can lose up to 40 percent of its R-Value. A lower R-value can cause your home’s energy bills to increase. 

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