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So you’ve decided to invest in gutter covers for your gutters – you’ve made a great choice! You’ll appreciate the convenience of not having to clean dirty gutters several times a year, as well as the peace of mind that comes from staying safely on the ground while your gutter covers do the job of keeping out leaves and debris. However, these benefits won’t last very long unless you invest in a gutter guard installation that’s durable and is backed by a reliable, comprehensive warranty.

The Negative Aspects of Installing DIY Gutter Covers

Do-it-yourself gutter covers are often recommended by employees at home improvement centers. However, if you choose to purchase gutter covers at Lowe’s or Home Depot, be aware that the warranty coverage you receive for these products will be minimal, if not nonexistent, and obviously there will be no coverage for labor since you’ll be the one installing them. DIY gutter guards from Home Depot or Lowe’s are meant to be a short-term fix for gutter issues, so you should be prepared to reinstall them within a few years.

The Importance of a Lifetime Warranty

A much better option for long-term gutter protection is a product that’s built to last a lifetime, as demonstrated by a lifetime warranty. You may have heard of other gutter covers backed by a “25-year guarantee” or a “no-clog warranty.” Surprisingly, some of the products from these companies still require you to perform maintenance – such as cleaning the mesh on their gutter covers – in order for the product to perform as promised.

At Gutter Helmet, we produce the best gutter protection system in the industry, and we mean business when we say it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. Our Triple Lifetime Warranty includes lifetime coverage of the material and warrants that Gutter Helmet® will keep gutters free-flowing with no maintenance required. It’s even transferrable should you decide to sell your home.

Learn More About Gutter Helmet®

We know you want a gutter cover warranty that you can feel good about, and that’s what we offer our customers. Gutter Helmet has been protecting millions of homes just like yours for over 30 years! For a free estimate on the best gutter guards that will ensure you Never Clean Your Gutters Again!®, call Gutter Helmet today at (800) 824-3772.