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To ensure quality results for your gutter installation project, it’s important to find and work with a reliable and qualified contractor. Once you have found a good candidate for the job, be sure to inquire about their process and the projects they’ve worked on in the past. This is a crucial step to take before purchasing your new gutters.

Below are some questions that you should ask your contractor before getting a new gutter system:

What Types of Gutters Do You Install?

Make sure the gutter installer is knowledgeable about the specific type of gutters that you are considering for your home. They should be able to answer any queries you may have about the gutters. Furthermore, they should be able to guarantee a proper installation of the gutter system. Remember that the quality of the installation can impact the performance and life span of gutters. If you’re also thinking of adding gutter covers, don’t forget to ask if the contractor provides a gutter protection service too.

Aluminum or Galvanized: Which Is the Better Choice?

Aluminum and galvanized gutter systems are malleable, so they can be installed more quickly. However, it’s worth noting that galvanized gutters can be prone to corrosion, while aluminum gutters are known to be corrosion-resistant. If your gutter installer recommends galvanized gutters, ask for an explanation so that you can make an informed decision. 

How Do You Fasten Gutters?

Screws are widely preferred for fastening gutters since they’re stronger and more durable than traditional nails or spikes. Nails also have a tendency to pull out over time, so they’re not the best choice if you want your gutters to remain secured for years to come.

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