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At Gutter Helmet®, we field many gutter-related questions and concerns, especially in the wintertime when ice issues become a problem on roofs. You can avoid many ice-related issues simply by paying attention to your home’s insulation now, and addressing the potential for ice build-up before winter arrives.

The Cause of Ice on a Roof

It’s a myth that seamless gutters and gutter guards cause ice. Think about this: if there are icicles hanging off the eaves of a roof in winter, those icicles started as melting snow that refroze. For snow to melt, there must have been a heat source. Because gutters and gutter guards do not produce heat, they can’t be the cause of icicles. The real cause of ice is either inadequate insulation, ventilation or a combination of both. Here’s how this works.

When there is not enough insulation in an attic to contain the heat from the living areas below, much of that heat will leak into the attic. Poor attic ventilation keeps the heat contained inside the attic. The warm air rises and presses against the roof deck, heating the surface and melting snow on the roof. The melted water then trickles down to the edges of the roof, resulting in icicles and sometimes ice dams. Ice dams are harmful to your roof because, if not dealt with, they can allow more melted water to back up behind the ice along the eaves and lead to serious roof leaks.

Combat Ice with Helmet Heat®

Since heat loss is the true cause of ice on a roof, gutters cannot prevent your ice problems. It is inevitable that snow and ice will build up inside of the gutter if insulation and ventilation issues are not addressed. To solve this problem, Gutter Helmet® has created Helmet Heat®, a companion product to our gutter protection system.

Helmet Heat® is a deicing cable that fits inside Gutter Helmet®’s patented bracket system and gently warms the Gutter Helmet®. When snow and ice start to accumulate along the eaves, gutters and in the downspouts, Helmet Heat® warms up to melt the ice. The water then flows easily through your unobstructed rain gutters and downspouts.

Find out more about the Gutter Helmet® and Helmet Heat® systems by calling (800) 824-3772 today to find a dealer near you. Our certified crews work year-round to help you stay protected from leaves, debris and ice build-up in gutters.