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Prepare Your Home for April Showers: Safeguard Your Gutter System

By April 2, 2014October 16th, 2023No Comments

Chicago Coldest December to March Period Since 1872 imageSpring has arrived, and soon, April showers will be heading your way. Now would be a great time to carry out some basic gutter system maintenance tasks. You’ll want to check and make sure that all things are in perfect order and that your gutters are well able to divert water properly.

Getting a move on with gutter maintenance is vital in preventing worse forms of damageto your home. Clogged, sagging, and leaking gutters are the most common problems and the ones you should do everything to prevent, especially in areas like Chicago, where rainfall and storms are expected this season:

For the first week of April, midweek was marked by rain showers and temperatures in the low 40s.

However, temperatures will rise back into the upper 40s by Friday and continue to increase through Sunday.

In time for the weekend, partially sunny skies will return to the city with temperatures reaching the upper 50s by Sunday.

Rain will return again on Monday.

rain gutter guards imageleaf gutter guards image


Is your home surrounded by trees? If so, then you’ll need to clearout your gutters at least twice a year. Installing a gutter shield system from Gutter Helmet®would be a smart move, as it would save you from the task of having to regularly clean out your gutters yourself. If you’re not the type who’s confident about climbing up ladders,do not compromise your safety. Your best move would be to call someone with experience. Gutter Helmet’s professional service technicians understand the value of keeping gutters in top shape and can help you save time and money through their topnotch maintenance services.

If you’re interested in installing gutter guards, do your research and choose a brand known in the industry for delivering the best service. Gutter Helmet’s gutter guards come with a Triple Lifetime Warranty and will deliver superior protection for generations. Getting a gutter protection system for your home is a worthwhile investment that will pay off not only in the next few seasons, but throughout your lifetime.


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