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Overcoming the Most Common Gutter Problems

By March 31, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

Clogged, warped, or sagging gutters cause a lot of trouble for many homeowners. The common result of these problems is water seeping through the ceilings and walls of the house. Since your gutters cannot properly handle the direction of water anymore, your foundation can sustain damage easily.

Gutters in poor condition can contribute to a home’s deterioration. To avoid these issues and keep your structure intact, you need to spot gutter problems early. Let Wrightway Home Improvement discuss four of the most common gutter problems and give tips on overcoming these.

1. Clogged gutters – Without a doubt, clogging is one of the primary reasons homeowners get frustrated with their gutters. When leaves and other debris fill in the gutters, water won’t move away from the house. This will make your home vulnerable to water damage. One way to prevent this is by installing a gutter protection system, such as Gutter Helmet®. Wrightway Home Improvement provides a wide range of gutter guards and rain gutter types in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to help prevent clogging.

2. Warping or sagging gutters – Constant exposure to the elements often cause gutters to warp and bend away from your house. This may mean that your gutters are too old to function properly, and so a replacement is necessary. Installing efficient gutter protection from Gutter Helmet is also a great way to prevent this kind of problem. This ensures that your gutters can last even through severe weather conditions.

3. Leaks and holes – Apart from clogged and sagging gutters, leaky gutters are also a source of frustration for homeowners. Though you can seal small holes with a patch or a caulk, it is still best to seek the help of the experts to solve this problem. For higher level of protection, install Gutter Helmet today. This will maintain your entire gutter and roofing system in good shape for many years.

From quality gutter covers to rain gutter types in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, trust Wrightway Home Improvement to provide these for your home. We provide a wide selection of gutter products from Gutter Helmet, the top choice in gutter protection nationwide.

Trust us to help you spot gutter problems and provide an effective, lasting solution. Call us at (866) 661-7420 and we’ll be ready to assist you with your home improvement needs.