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Makings of the Best Brand of Gutter Protection

By June 9, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Brands create a great impact on the market. We’ve seen it in the way branding has changed the way we look at a certain product. Think Apple, Microsoft, and Google. The home improvement industry works the same way. For instance, many homeowners prefer popular metal gutter guards in Schenectady, NY, than lesser known protection systems.

Is a brand name enough to make you trust a product? When looking for the best gutter guard in New York, here’s why the Gutter Helmet® name is your best bet.

Signs of a Good Brand

There are so many gutter guards on the market, but you only need to trust Gutter Helmet from Huff ‘N Puff. Here are a few factors that make us a reliable source for gutter protection.

  • Experience – We have been in the home improvement industry since 1973. That’s more than 40 years of providing New York State homeowners with superior products and quality installation. We started offering and installing Gutter Helmet in 1996. Our neighbors have turned to us for their gutter needs ever since.
  • Excellent customer service – Throughout our stay in the industry, we have given our customers the satisfaction that they deserve. It’s no wonder Angie’s List has given us the Super Service Award, a recognition reserved only for the best of the best in the home improvement industry. It means our past customers have given us high ratings and positive reviews in the Angie’s List website.
  • Quality products and services – At Huff ‘N Puff, we only offer the best gutter protection for your home. Gutter Helmet, one of the best-selling gutter protection systems in the US, has been proven to be a maintenance-free shield for your gutters. It prevents clogging by directing the leaves and dirt away from the gutter and to the ground.
  • Warranty – Gutter Helmet is one of the few brands that come with a lifetime warranty. When you choose Huff ‘N Puff to install this product, we also offer a one-year installation warranty to protect your home for years to come.

The best part? Gutter Helmet from Huff ‘N Puff can be installed over your existing or new gutters. Aside from keeping leaves, twigs, and pests away, it can also prevent water damage and add protection to your roof.

If you want to learn more about this highly efficient product, call us today. We will be happy to give you a quote.