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Why You Should Clean Your Gutters Now

By June 15, 2015October 16th, 2023No Comments

Among all the components of a home, you might be guilty of not giving enough attention to your gutters. Being that they are high up makes it easy for you to forget about them—that is, until they clog up. The results of a clog can be both inconvenient and, in some cases, hazardous to you and your family. At Seamless Exterior, we aim to keep you informed and aware of the worst things that can happen when your gutters remain clogged.

Pest Party

The accumulation of leaves and other debris can cause your gutters to clog. Water can then build up, and become stagnant. These conditions can result in pest and insect visitors. Mosquitoes are the most common, and having them in swarms is not only annoying but also poses a health risk. You also might see roaches, spiders, and even birds gathering.

Rot and Ruin

As water starts to collect, it won’t stay put. Chances are that it will eventually seep into the fascia that holds your gutters in place. In there, it can cause the nails that secure the gutters to rust and the wood itself to rot. In the long run, this means that your gutters can start to dip and sag. And given enough damage to these supporting components, your gutters can eventually fall off. When that happens, it will be far more costly and dangerous.

The Right Response

There is only one reason for gutters to reach this point: lack of regular maintenance. Regularly cleaning your gutters can help avoid these issues from affecting you. Here at Seamless Exterior, we have an even better solution. With Gutter Helmet® metal gutter guards in Cedar Falls, Iowa, you’ll never need to worry about cleaning your gutters again!

These gutter guards fit over any gutter securely and prevent all debris, regardless of size and shape, from entering the gutter. The only thing that’ll ever get in will be water. This system will save you on money and time down the line.

For your gutter needs, give us a call at (866) 661-7330. We also do siding, window, and gutter installation.