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There’s nothing better than tall, lush greenery to round out an attractive front yard. When properly maintained, trees are an excellent addition to any home. Unfortunately, some types of trees can do more harm than good.

As one of the most trusted gutter shield installers in the area, Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville discusses four types of trees that you do not want in your yard:

Silver Maple

The silver maple leaf is an iconic symbol for Midwestern woods. This tree can grow up to 100 feet tall at a rate of seven feet annually. This speedy growth makes for weak woody parts and brittle branches. You don’t want a silver maple around during rough weather, as the risk of fallen debris is extremely high.


The largest living organism in the world is an aspen system in Colorado known as Pando. The roots of this tree extend far and wide, weighing in at an estimated total of 6,600 pounds. If you decide to grow aspen in your yard, prepare for invasive root growth that can damage underground plumbing and compromise your home’s foundation.

Mimosa and Silk Tree

Endemic to Japan, Americans have fallen in love with the delicate lace-like leaves and pink fluffy flowers of the silk tree. In the fall, the tree sheds an inordinate amount of debris that can clog gutters and downspouts. Spring is even worse, as male trees scatter seeds that can cover even your neighbor’s yard.

White Poplar

If you don’t like frequent cleaning, avoid white poplar trees at all costs. This tree is known to leave sap-filled bark, cottony seed pods, brittle twigs and an endless amount of foliage all year-round. Protect your gutters from obstruction by using an effective gutter shield like Gutter Helmet to minimize the tree’s effects.

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